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Why Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd for Property Brokerage Service

  • Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd has got the Database for most of the Property for Rent and for Sale in Phnom Penh Capital since 2008 till now.
  • Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd provides you the service for Free of Charge, Heart Oriented, Friendly, Reliable and Helpful from 07:30 to17:00, Monday to Friday, also available at weekend.
  • Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd has got the Sales Staff, who have worked for us for more than 5years, so they have enough experience and knowledge to help you for the Property, speaking Khmer, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.
  • Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd will arrange the Seller to meet the Buyer for the real discussion about the Property Price, Term and Condition in the agreement.
  • Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd will not mark up the price, cheating the client and try the best to avoid the mistake for any deals in the real estate transaction.
  • Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd will help the buyer to check the background of the property, ownership, tax and all other related papers to the property and also help the seller to do the property ownership transfer, in case the buyer agrees to buy and seller agree to sell.