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Additional Services

When you sell your property to other person then you need to change from your name to the buyer’s name into the Property Certificate, both for Soft Title and Hard Title (Title Deed). The Soft Title Transfer will cost you around 1% of the Property Sale Price and take less than 2weeks to finish the work, however, the Hard Title (Title Deed = Freehold) will cost you not less than 4% for paying the Tax (VAT) and around 2% for other administrative works and it will takes you not less than 6weeks to finish the work.

Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd is the expert in the field of Property Ownership Transfer because we have many years of work experience in this field; also we have enough business networks, both in the Public and Private Sectors to do the job, so we can help you to do it better than you do it by your own, cheaper and faster.

Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd provides the consultancy services in real estate for both local and foreign customers who want to invest into the property market in Phnom Penh Capital as well as other provinces in the Kingdom of Cambodia. We also can help you to buy and sale any kind of property at the right price and right time.
The Cambodian Government has allowed foreigner buy and own the property from 1st floor, also lease the property for up to 70 years, however, the foreigner is not allowed to buy the Property o the ground floor. Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd is ready to help you buy the property ground floor and own it regally in Phnom Penh Capital.


Khmer Real Estate Co., Ltd can help you to manage your property in Phnom Penh Capital, make money from your property, while, you are doing your own business, working, living abroad, traveling and even sleeping. Your property is 100% sure well managed by our group of professional staff.